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Computer Games and Apps

As part of our school’s Anti-Bullying Week, we have focused on e-safety again this year. During the week’s activities, it has come to our attention that a number of children are playing games that are unsuitable for their ages with some even admitting to playing games with a certificate of 18+ i.e. games that they would be expected to be 18 years old or older to play.

This is a huge problem at the moment and it is explained in more detail in this story from the news last year.


We are aware that there’s a strong possibility that ‘technology’ will be evident on many Christmas lists this year with a number of children asking for devices such as ‘consoles’ and tablets. In addition, many will ask for the latest computer games. With this in mind, here are some useful websites to help you ensure that your children play and use what is appropriate for them.



The above website is great as it describes the different age ratings used by iTunes to measure the appropriateness of apps/games. The website also explains how to modify the settings on devices like an iPad or an iPhone to limit the kinds of apps that can be downloaded to the device in question as well as limit what can be seen when using the device to search the internet.



If you use Google Play to download apps or if you buy any games for ‘consoles’ such as the PS4, Wii U or the XBOX, then each app/game will have been given an age rating by PEGI. The symbol looks like this:



The above website is especially good if you want to see if specific apps or games are appropriate for your child. It also offers the same service for films, television programmes, books etc.

Other useful websites





Safer Internet Day 

We celebrate Safer Internet Day in school. It is an important date in the school calendar. The digital world is developing quickly and E-Safety has become a daily talking point in our classes.

In order to support you to keep yourselves and your family safe in online activities, it is our pleasure to share with you ‘E-Safety Guidelines for the Parents of Ysgol Glantaf and its Cluster Schools’. Representatives from all primary schools that feed Ysgol Glantaf, as well as staff members from Ysgol Glantaf, worked together closely with the aim of producing this resource for you. We would strongly urge you to take the time to read it and we are hopeful that will act upon the advice within it. Also attached are guidelines regarding adjusting the privacy settings on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Glantaf Cluster E-Safety Guidelines

Instagram Checklist – instagram_checklist

Facebook Checklist – facebook_flyerjune2016ahv9-web-aw

Twitter Checklist – twitter-checklist_web

Anti-Bullying Week 2016


Gwefannau Cymdeithasol

It is of great concern to us as members of staff at the moment that there are many pupils in school using social networks that are unsuitable for them. A large percentage of our pupils use Instagram, many of whom also own personal Facebook and Twitter accounts themselves.

The primary schools that feed Glantaf are currently working to create guidelines for parents that will support them in trying to keep their children safe online.

The hope is that these guidelines will be ready to share with the parents of each school within the cluster sometime during the Spring term. In the meantime, the poster below shows the official age restrictions for different social networks.


Please note that the age requirement for using Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is 13 and that this is clearly stated in their terms of service.

Some of the reasons why the age restrictions are important are discussed in the article below.


If you are still willing for your child to own a social media account that is inappropriate for their age, we would be grateful if you could read the information below thoroughly as it explains how it is possible to adjust settings and profiles to ensure that they are as safe as possible when using them.

Instagram Checklist – instagram_checklist

Facebook Checklist – facebook_flyerjune2016ahv9-web-aw

Twitter Checklist – twitter-checklist_web

Anti-Bullying Week  ‘E-Safety’ theme

Our Anti-Bullying week was on the theme of E-Safety this year.

As well as various activities in the classroom,  special assemblies are held for pupils in Progress Step 1, 2 and 3.

Please see the film called ‘Jigsaw’, which was produced by the police. This is suitable for pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Click here to view this video **(we recommend that you as parents or guardians view this film before allowing the children to see it).

The website ‘thinkuknow’ is also a fantastic resource for explaining to the children how to keep themselves safe whilst online.

Click here for advice on any matter around e-safety.

You will also find a wide range of resources that will support you when educating your children about the importance of keeping safe on the internet and when using emerging social network technologies.