Breakfast Club

A free Breakfast Club is available daily.

This scheme is intended to improve the health and concentration of children to assist in the raising of standards of learning and attainment, and will seek to involve parents / guardians.

It is not intended to replace breakfast already provided by parents/ guardians, but to allow all those children, who for whatever reason have not had breakfast at home, to have one in school.

For health and safety reasons we have to adhere to a particular number of children in the breakfast club every day.

  • The breakfast club will start at 8.25 am. No child will be admitted before this for any reason.
  • The Breakfast club will close at 8.40 am, please make sure your child arrives before then or they could be refused entry.
  • The Breakfast Club Staff have to tidy and clean the hall ready for the beginning of the school day.
  • At 8.50 am your child will go out to the school yard or if the weather is bad they will go to their classrooms.
  • There are members of staff on duty from 8.50 am.

This is not a child minding facility it is there to provide a healthy breakfast and every child attending must eat breakfast.

Please note a free breakfast is not a right. Schools can refuse entry to any child on grounds of unacceptable behaviour. We expect the children to use the appropriate table manners at all times.

If during the year you decide that your child will no longer be attending the breakfast club we must receive a letter from yourselves so that we can offer the place to another child.