School Dinners

School dinners and Healthy Eating

Hot dinners are provided at the school but pupils can choose to bring sandwiches if they so wish.  However, please note, for safety reasons, no glass bottles are allowed. We encourage healthy eating so no sweets are allowed in school. The children are supervised during the dinner hour by appointed supervisors and Learning Support Assistants.

The cost of a school dinner is £2.60/ day.  The school dinners’ menu is advertised in the ‘Capital Times’ and on the Cardiff County Council Website.

Once you have decided on your child’s lunchtime arrangement, you must continue with this arrangement for the duration of that week.

Some families are entitled to free school dinners.  Application forms are available from the school office.

It is hoped that children have been taught table manners, such as:-

  • no talking with their mouths full of food
  • no walking around whilst eating
  • no throwing food, or swapping food with each other
  • no dropping food to the floor.
  • It’s essential that your child uses a knife and fork correctly whilst eating.

Healthy Eating

Please ensure that your child’s packed lunch is a balanced healthy meal. Some families prepare a healthy pasta salad for their children with salad and pieces of fruit. There is a plentiful water supply in school so we discourage fruit juice and definitely no fizzy pop and sweets or chocolate bars.

Break time

The children are allowed to bring in fruit to eat at break time. If you could cut the fruit up before they come to school as this will ensure that they will actually eat and finish their fruit and not leave half of it so that they can go and play.

Free Milk

The Education Authority operates a free milk scheme for Foundation Phase children in accordance with Welfare Food Regulations 1988 (Rheolau Bwydydd Lles 1988).


We recognise the importance of drinking water regularly during the day. Mental performance improves by drinking water and children concentrate far better when they are not suffering from dehydration symptoms –thirst, tiredness and irritability. We have a water fountain in school and cups are placed by the sink in every class.

Ysgol Mynydd Bychan is a healthy school and we follow the Welsh Assembly guidelines for healthy schools. As such, we kindly ask you not to send birthday cakes in with your children in future.