Additional Learning Needs

ADY rhieni-saes

My name is Wendy Wylie and I am the Additional Needs Coordinator at Ysgol Mynydd Bychan.

I’ve been in the role since 2010, before that I was a teacher in a primary school in Beddau and a teacher in a additional learning needs school in Ton-teg.

My role is to ensure that all children in the school have access to the curriculum and to a broad and balanced education according to their ability. I completely understand that every child is unique with strengths and areas that need more development whether it is development in terms of literacy, numeracy or emotionally. With detailed planning by the teachers and effective differentiation on the classroom floor then over time each child can reach their potential.

At times, your child may require targeted intervention and we will contact you by letter to inform you of this.


Interventions and Support at Ysgol Mynydd Bychan




Literacy and Speech Intervention Progression Step 1

    Speech and Language Links


Literacy Interventions Progression Step 2

Cychwyn Eto 

Also Stars and Sail programmes to help develop literacy skills.


Literacy Interventions Progression Step 3 (and Year 3)

    Rainbow Readers

  Sound Discovery


Maths Factor


Whole School Wellbeing Interventions







In addition to these interventions our staff use a number of literacy and numeracy schemes to help develop your child’s skills in the appropriate areas such as:

  • Cued Spelling
  • Cyfres Deffro
  • Llyfrau Pitran Patrwm
  • O Gam i Gam
  • Big Cat Phonics
  • Read Write Inc
  • Mêts Maesllan


If you are informed that your child wants to receive one of the interventions above, your child will be taught in a small group or individually. We will assess them at the start and at the end of the intervention to measure progress. The interventions usually take place over a certain period of time.

Every child who receives an intervention will have a One Page Profile which puts the child at the heart of learning. A child who receives a school intervention will not be on the School’s Additional Learning Needs register.

Example questions asked when creating a One Page Profile:

What’s great about me?
What’s important to me?
What do I need to help me be at my best?

Child-Centred Meeting

Sometimes some pupils will face more intense difficulties than usual, where they will need sustained additional support. It may be necessary to obtain advice from external agencies and specialist Local Authority teams in this instance.

We will hold a Child-Centred Meeting to discuss how we can work together to ensure success. At the meeting we will discuss these questions:

We will implement a plan and evaluate it after a certain period. If we believe that the child needs more support we will invite the child, parents and any relevant external agencies to a meeting to discuss if it is necessary to consider that the child has Additional Learning Needs – and if this means that an Individual Development Plan needs to be written.

The Individual Development Plan will include a description of the child’s needs and the provision the school wants to use to try to ensure development. The Plan will be reviewed every year or sooner if necessary.


More information for parents


A Guide for Parents



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