Gramadeg Grymus

In order to promote the children’s Literacy skills, both verbally and in writing, we use the Gramadeg Grymus scheme in order to keep the focus on spoken language accuracy and grammatical skills as the children move up through the school.

Here are examples for you of the type of weekly challenges the children work on in order to practice and review these grammatical skills.

Blwyddyn 2

Gramadeg Grymus Blwyddyn 2 – Efydd

Gramadeg Grymus Blwyddyn 2 – Arian


Blwyddyn 3

Gramadeg Grymus Blwyddyn 3 – Efydd


Blwyddyn 4

Gramadeg Grymus Blwyddyn 4 – Efydd ac Arian – W1


Blwyddyn 5

Gramadeg Grymus Blwyddyn 5 – efydd arian aur


Blwyddyn 6

Gramadeg Grymus Bl 6 Efydd ac Arian



Supporting Welsh Grammar Resources

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