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Sêr Sillafu

This year, the school is piloting a new scheme in terms of developing spelling skills in Welsh. Until the end of Year 1, the focus is on using Tric a Chlic strategies but for the older year groups, we have tried to develop a resource called Sêr Sillafu (Spelling Stars). The aim of Sêr Sillafu (Spelling Stars) is to focus on a specific set of words each half term. It is hoped that focusing on a specific set for half a term (rather than moving on to a new set of words weekly) will lead to stronger understanding and recall of how to spell the words in question.

With each new set, the children will be tested at the start of the half term, halfway through the half term and again at the end of the half term. Each set of new words will be shared with the parents so that they can be practiced at home too.

Blwyddyn 2

Sêr Sillafu – Bl 2 – HT 1

Sêr Sillafu – Bl 2 – HT 2 

Sêr Sillafu – Bl 2 – HT 3 

Sêr Sillafu – Bl 2 – HT 4

Blwyddyn 3

Sêr Sillafu Hyd 1 

Sêr Sillafu Hyd 2

Sêr Sillafu Gwanwyn 1

Sêr Sillafu Gwanwyn 2


Blwyddyn 4

Sêr Sillafu Hanner Tymor 1 2 3 4


Blwyddyn 5

Sêr sillafu Bl5 Hydref


Blwyddyn 6

Sêr Sillafu Hydref 1

Sêr Sillafu Hydref 2

Sêr Sillafu Gwanwyn 1

Supporting Spelling Resources

Useful apps

   Tric a Chlic

Sillafu – Iaith Gyntaf (Atebol)


Sillafu – Ail Iaith (Atebol)



Aur am Air (Peniarth)