The Governing Body


The governing body is similar to the board of directors of a company and is responsible for making decisions regarding the way a school is run. The governing body meets at least once a term and additional meetings of sub-committees are held as required.

The Governors work with the Headteacher to:

  • Agree on the aims and values of the school
  • Decide what is taught
  • Set standards of discipline
  • Review progress at the school interview and appoint teacher
  • Decide on school budget expenditure and approve school development plans provide parents with information about the school
  • Prepare action plans to ensure improvements following school inspections.

School governors have legal duties, powers and responsibilities. They are obliged to work as one body.

The governing body consists of:

  • Parents
  • Teachers at the school
  • LEA representatives
  • Non-teaching school staff
  • Co-optees.

A parent governor is:

  • a parent of a child at the school
  • elected by the school’s parents
  • serves, as do other governors, for four years.

The school’s governors

Chairperson: Mrs Jenny Williams

Deputy Chairman: Mr Cerith Rhys Jones

Miss Siân Evans

Local Education Authority Representatives

Mr Rhys Taylor

Mr Cerith Rhys Jones

Teachers’ Representative
Mr Iolo Williams

Non-teaching staff representative
Mrs Beth Bradbury

Parent Governors

Dr Mirain Rhys

Mrs Emiko Hughes

Dr Bethan Phillips

Mr Gareth Jones

Co-opted Governors

Miss Suzanne Neesom
Mrs Jenny Williams

Miss Cadi Thomas

Mrs Laura Dobson

Clerk to the Governors
Mrs Ann Williams

Parents who are governors present the views of parents to the Governing Body but they are expected to speak and act as individuals. They should not consider themselves as a voice or as envoys for parents: they do not vote on behalf of all parents. They have equal status in the work of the Governing Body and have voting rights. Four parents are elected as members of the Governing Body every four years.