Year 3 – Caradog

Teacher: Robert Powell  



P.E.Lessons: Wednesdays





Classroom Assistant: Miss Lisa Powell









Our class has been named after Caradog. Here is more information about him.

Caradog was the leader of a Welsh Celtic tribe from the first century. He battled bravely against the Romans for nearly ten years before being betrayed and handed over as a slave to his enemies by the leader of another Celtic tribe, Cartimandua. He was sent as a prisoner to Rome but was allowed to live there in peace and as a free man after his speech persuaded the Roman Emperor not to have him killed.






Class Poet (Welsh) – Myrddin ap Dafydd
Class Poet (English) – Dick King-Smith
Class Folktale – Cantre’r Gwaelod
Class Artist – Jen Delyth

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