Regular and prompt attendance at school is critical to the education of the individual and to the smooth running of the classroom and the whole school. We have very few unauthorised absences. We wish to ensure that this continues. Schools are now legally obliged to register unauthorised absences, i.e.

  • If there is not an adequate reason for the absence within two weeks of the absence
  • If no written explanation is given by the parents or guardians for the absence within two weeks.

Children are asked to be punctual. If a child is not present at registration it is counted as an absence, unless he or she has had prior permission. The children are expected to be at school by 9.00a.m.

No permission is given for holidays taken during term time. Your child will be marked as absent without permission.

We expect every child to aim for attendance of 100%. Remember that 90% is equivalent to an absence from school for one day every week. The schools attendance target is 96.2%.

Click here to see further guidance regarding ‘Fixed Penalty Notices’ for unauthorised absences.