Useful Information

School hours

Parents must ensure that their child arrives at school on time.

Reception, Year 1 and 2

  • Register 9.00
  • Morning session 9.05 – 10.15
  • Assembly 10.15 – 10.30
  • Break 10.30 – 10.45
  • Second morning session 10.45 – 12.00
  • Dinner time 12.00 – 1.00
  • Afternoon session 1.00 – 2.00
  • Break 2.00 – 2.10
  • Second afternoon session 2.10 – 3.15

Year 3, 4, 5 and 6

  • Register 9.00
  • Morning session 9.05 – 10.35
  • Assembly 10.35– 10.50
  • Break 10.50 – 11.05
  • Morning session 11.05 – 12.15
  • Dinner time 12.15 – 1.15
  • Afternoon session 1.15 – 3.20

Nursery Unit

  • Morning session 9.15 – 11.45
  • Afternoon session 12.55 – 3.25


Sun Safety

Children are encouraged to wear sun hats and we ask parents to put sun cream on their child before they come to school. Children may bring sun cream to school and put it on themselves. The children are encouraged to play in the shade and drink as much water as possible.


School closure in an emergency situation

If an emergency situation were to arise in the school (e.g. gas, flooding) and everyone had to get out of the building and away from the school grounds, we would use the hall of the Evangelical Church, Whitchurch Road. We will contact parents to inform you and to confirm the collection arrangements by text message / email.

If an emergency situation were to arise which meant that everyone needed to be kept safe through remaining in the school building, again we would contact parents via text message / email as soon as was feasible to inform you, to update you and to confirm any further arrangements.

In the two scenarios above, we would kindly ask you not to come to the school (until advised to do so) or try to call the school in case we were trying to communicate with any relevant Emergency Services.

If there is a period of bad weather, a message will be posted on the School Website and the Cardiff County Council Website to say if the school is open or closed. We will also endeavour to share this information with you on the school’s Twitter account and on each class’ Seesaw. On occasions like this, we have to wait to see if all members of staff are able to get to the school so that there are enough staff available to ensure the correct ratio in terms of staff and pupils.