We have a clear vision that every child has the inherent right to learn with emphasis on providing an environment where our pupils can develop educationally, culturally, socially and physically. We believe that the role of each member of staff is to ensure that every child feels able and talented and have the opportunity to learn in a safe and caring setting.

Our culture, our heritage and our history as Welsh citizens is central to the curriculum provided and the goal is to ensure that all of our pupils take pride in their ability to speak the language.

The importance of a healthy lifestyle and environmental concerns as well as promoting global citizenship are all also contemporary themes that are very close to our hearts. Our aspiration is to ensure that our next generation place an even greater emphasis on those issues.

We believe that the essence of teaching is to develop the skills required to ensure that pupils enjoy a life of health, prosperity and satisfaction. The aim is to give a sense of self-worth to the children, stimulate their curiosity to ask questions and provide them with the skills that they require so that they can answer those questions with increasing independence.

‘From little acorns, an oak tree will grow’

is the motto of this school and the aim is to co-operate effectively with the purpose of guiding all children towards the highest branch possible.