At Ysgol Mynydd Bychan, we firmly believe that each child’s journey within the school is unique and valuable and we place emphasis on providing rich learning experiences – based on pupil voice – which enable them to develop educationally, culturally, socially and physically. We believe that the role of every member of the school community is to work together to ensure that every child feels confident and capable and that they are encouraged to be ambitious – all within a safe and welcoming environment.

Our culture, our heritage and our history as Welsh citizens are at the core of the curriculum provided and the aim is to inspire the learners to take pride in their ‘Cymreictod’. Awareness of their responsibilities as members of various communities is also crucial – whether that be at a local, national or global level. We want our children to respect and celebrate diversity and the right of individuals and groups of people to live according to their wishes. We also want our children to realize the crucial role they have to play in the future of Wales and the wider world – whether that be as peacful citizens or environmental revolutionaries. Our aspiration is to ensure that the Welsh of the future are principled, informed citizens who have the ability to make decisions that will ensure that our next generation leads the way internationally.

We want our children to develop the skills they need in order to move on to enjoy a life of physical and mental health, a life of prosperity and satisfaction – all whilst having the resilience to deal with those times when they are faced with challenges. The ability to solve problems is essential – with innovation and initiative – and we want our children to reflect critically on what is presented to them as well as being inspired to use their imagination uniquely when responding creatively to different triggers. The aim is to give the children a sense of self-worth, spark their curiosity to ask questions in order to build their knowledge and then give them the tools to be able to answer those questions with increasing independence.

‘From an acorn, an oak tree will grow’ is the motto of this school and the aim is to work together effectively with the purpose of directing each child towards the highest possible branch.