INSET days

Five days are set aside each year for teacher training purposes. The Welsh Assembly Government has given every school in Wales an extra Inset day, to be taken in the Summer Term, for the next three years. This is to give schools time to prepare for the new curriculum.

These are days taken from school holidays and not teaching days. Parents are informed in advance of these dates. 

One of the 6 days is an opportunity to work in partnership alongside other teachers from other schools at Ysgol Glantaf.

Inset Day 1 – Friday, September 3rd 2021

Inset Day 2  -Monday, November 1st 2021

Inset Day 3 – Wednesday, February 2nd 2022

Inset Day 4 – Wednesday, May 11th 2022

Inset Day 5 – Wednesday, July 13th 2022

School Term Dates 

Autumn Term 2021

Term starts Friday 03/09/ 21. Half Term Mon 25/10/21 – Fri 29/10/21. Term finishes  Fri 17/12/21

Spring Term 2022

Term starts Tue 04/01/ 22. Half Term Mon 21/02/22 – Fri 25/02/22. Term finishes  Fri 08/04/22

Summer Term 2022

Term starts Mon 25/04/ 22. May Day Bank Holiday Monday 02/05/22. Half Term Mon 30/05/22 – Fri 03/06/22. Term finishes  Fri 22/07/22

Mon 20/09 - Fri 24/09Cycling lessons, Year 6
Weds 22/09Year 3 Trip, Museum
Tue 05/10PTA 19.15
Thurs 07/10Individual and sibling photographs.
Weds 13/10Harvest Assembly
Fri 22/10Half term
Mon 01/11Inset Day, no school for the children
Tues 02/11School starts
Mon 08/11,Tues 09/11, Weds 10/11, Thurs 11/11, Mon 15/11, Tue 16/11, Thur 18/11Parents' meetings
Fri 17/12School closes for the Christmas holidays
Mon 04/01School starts