School Council

Two pupils from Years 2, 3 and 4, 4 pupils from Year 5 and 6 pupils from Year 6 are elected to serve on the Schools’ Council.

They meet at least twice a term. They collect ideas from other pupils and classes and bring these to discuss in the meeting. Following each meeting they report back to their own classes on decisions made in the meeting.

They arrange various events during the year to collect money to purchase something for the school or to give to a charity. They work closely with the Headteacher and all stakeholders of the school in ensuring that we continue to meet our aims.

Cyngor Ysgol 2022-23

Harry Jones Bl 2, Nia Phillips Bl 2, Chloe Lyle Bl3, Finn Jones Bl3, Aida Mokhlessi Bl 4, Alfie Davies Bl 4, Archie Jones Bl 5, Jemima Hughes Bl 5, Ffion Blackmore Bl 6, Osian Phillips Bl 6, Rosie Frost Bl 6, Edie Oliver-Thomas Bl 6

In the coming weeks we hope to learn more about ‘children’s rights’ at Ysgol Mynydd Bychan. Every week we will put two new rights up on the rights display in the hall. The purpose of this is to ensure that the children can recognize the rights and understand their meaning. The teachers will present the rights within the class and discuss them during the week. Certainly, it is very important that the children understand that these rights help keep us safe. We will also as a council share information about these rights on the exhibition. We aim to get the bronze award for ‘rights respecting school’ and ensure that the children of Mynydd Bychan feel happy and safe in our school. At our next meeting, we will create a questionnaire to distribute to the children of the school in order to understand what they know or already understand about the rights in order to know what is the way forward for the school. We need to achieve this in order to win the bronze. In addition to this our school wants to compete in a creative competition to raise awareness about racism. The competition is held by the charity ‘Show racism a red card’. We will choose the 3 best candidates from each category in order to send them off to the competition. To add to this, we are keen to create a Ysgol Mynydd Bychan news bulletin every Friday in order to celebrate any important news of the week or share any important information with the whole school or to discuss any issues that are important to the school’s children. The hope is to do this on the school’s ‘tannoy’.