Criw Cymry Cŵl

The work of the ‘Criw Cymry Cŵl’ is to celebrate the Welsh language. During this year, we will ensure that every child in the school speaks Welsh to the teachers and with the assistants, speaks Welsh to children on the corridor and in the lunch hall as well as in the school yard We will also encourage school children to speak Welsh at home by teaching their parents a few words or sentences. We hope to see children at the school speaking Welsh outside of school too e.g in the shops, in the park with friends, walking to school, at the Leisure Centre.

We want to encourage children at the school to watch Welsh language programmes on S4C and Welsh DVDs, listen to Welsh music and use technology through the medium of Welsh e.g ‘apps’, Web search and texting.

Our aim, as the Criw Cymry Cŵl, is to see the children of Ysgol Mynydd Bychan feel comfortable and happy working in Welsh.

We all think it’s important to speak Welsh, so we’ll be organising activities during the year such as hosting a Welsh disco, teaching yard games to Gladstone school children and hosting a coffee morning for parents who want to learn Welsh.

We will continue to reward Welsh-speaking children in the yard with a House colour counter, and the winning House at the end of each half term will earn extra play time which will include delicious snacks!


Criw Cymry Cŵl 2023/24

Yr l2 – Xavi Peddar & Mabli Trubey

Yr 3 – Begw Cope & Macsen Maynard

Yr 4 – Rosa Coles & Sam Vedahir

Yr 5 – Sophie Pert & Joseff Davies

Yr 6 – Mia O’Brien, Elan Caddick, Sophia Watson, Lewis Bonas, Henry Wylie