Criw Cymry Cŵl

Criw Cymry Cŵl 2022-23

Manu Peddar Bl2, Ezra Woodward Bl2, Ava Jones Bl 3, Madoc Cleal Bl 3, Mali Meilak Jones Bl 4, Isaac Hurley Bl 4, Eirlys Ennis Bl 5, Twm Owen Bl 5, Bethan James Bl 6, Megan Kelly Bl 6, Lilly Johnson Bl 6, Eluned Curry Bl 6

The Criw Cymry Cŵl are going to teach Allensbank pupils playground games so that they can teach Allensbank’s children. The committee members will present the school’s Welsh Vegetable points system to the school’s pupils. There will be a special prize for the Court that earns the most points seasonally. The Cool Cymry Crew is working towards the Charter Language gold award. The TAWE court was congratulated for winning the largest number of Welsh speaking counters. The winning court is rewarded with extra play time & biscuits and fruit juice. We hope to arrange a visit to Gladstone school during the term in order to teach their pupils more playground games. We will organize a ‘coffee afternoon’ for learners in the school hall on Welsh Music Day (Friday 10th February). The Criw Cymry Cŵl will organize the advertising and the simple Welsh questions to present to the parents who are learning Welsh. We hope to introduce some contemporary Welsh bands to the parents during the afternoon as well. To celebrate St. David’s Day, we have decided to hold a ‘Leek Art!’ competition which is an opportunity to decorate leeks, or paint pictures of leeks and display them.