Pwyllgor Iechyd a Lles

Pwyllgor Iechyd a Lles 2022-23

Ava Cozens Bl2, Macsen Maynard Bl 2, Clara Wilde Bl 3, Wiliam Lloyd Evans Bl 3, Barnaby Goad Bl 4, Sofia Dickinson Bl 4, Owain Phillips Bl 5, Catrin Matthews Bl 5, Ioan Climer-Jones Bl 6, Dipreet Kaur Bl 6, Arwen Herbert Bl 6, Branwen Long Bl 6


A school assembly was held on Mental Health day by committee members. We have had a very busy year already this year. In October, we held a service to raise awareness of World Mental Health day. This was important to us as we wanted to help others deal with difficult times. We have helped set up a number of new clubs (Art, Drama and games) at lunchtime. Year 6 are responsible for these clubs. The older children created posters to promote a healthy diet and displayed them around the school. The days of the Christmas party and toys were also very important for the mental health of the children of this school. One of the highlights of the year so far is receiving the healthy schools award where we had to chat with visitors about ways to keep a healthy mind and body at school. It was nice to collaborate with the other councils and we are very proud to have received the award.