Homework 8.3.19

Task 1 (by 18th of March)

I would like you to prepare a presentation (in English!) on the topic ‘My Hero’. As today is Women’s International Day, why not choose someone from the book ‘Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls’!

You will be expected to talk for about three or four minutes on the topic. You may bring notes with you to the presentation but you must remember that this is not a reading assessment and therefore you will not be allowed to read the notes. I strongly suggest that you prepare some sort of presentation to support you (e.g. Ppt or Prezi – with a maximum of 5-10 words on each slide). You will need to practice at home before presenting in class!!


Task 2 (by 14th of March)

Revise your Slick Spelling words ready for the test that will be held towards the end of next week.