Homework 29/3/19

Task 1 (by Wednesday, 3/4)

Your task this weekend is to plan a Flashback story (in English).

The basic idea is that your main character (either a boy or a girl) has been late for school on many occasions. You’ll be expected to refer to the fact the he or she has been late in the past but it is this latest instance which will be the focus of your Flashback story. You’ll be explaining why your main character was late that particular morning. The reason he or she was late can be anything at all – be imaginative!

Success Criteria:

Use various types of ‘power openers’.
Interesting descriptions of characters and settings e.g. similes, metaphors, ‘wow’ words (adjectives)
Dialogue set out correctly / The story will need to be written in the past tense (third person) e.g. Like a whirlwind, Sam rushed in through the door…
An opening to the story and the flashback section that grabs the reader’s attention
A flashback that includes both suspense and excitement

Use the resources below to help you plan your story in detail. Don’t forget that detailed planning will lead to an easier writing session!!






Plan a ‘flashback’ story


Descriptive writing


8 different ways of opening a sentence

Task 2 (by Thursday, 4/4)

Learn how to spell the imperative verbs below in preparation for the Sillafu Slic test that will be held next week.

Wythnos 8 – berfau gorchmynnol / command verbs

 anogwch (encourage) Ymffrostiwch

















Task 3 (by Wednesday 10/4)


Try having a go at one of Arts and Crafts competition for this year’s Urdd Eisteddfod. This year’s theme for all competitions is “Bwrlwm,” which roughly translates as “hustle and bustle,” “hubbub” or “a hive of activity.” See below for some ideas:


There is a list of all competitions in the syllabus below where you will find all the rules about the size and weight of items:


Please print clearly on the back:

  • Child’s full name

  • School Year

  • If you know it, the competition number from the syllabus above.

If your child would like to compete in the Urdd, they must be a member. You can still become a member by joining through the Urdd’s website.