Year 6


Our class has been named after Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf. Here is some information about him.

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was the grandson of Llywelyn Fawr through his son Gruffydd. Llywelyn was the last of Gwynedd princes to attempt to unify Wales and he is referred to as Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf. Between 1267 and 1277 Llywelyn ruled over three quarters of Wales’ population, but on the 11th of December 1282, he was killed in a battle at Cilmeri near Builth Wells by King Edward I’s soldiers, even though they didn’t know at the time that they had killed the Welsh Prince.
Teacher: Iolo Williams
P.E. Session – Friday afternoon
Class Poet (Welsh) – T. Llew Jones
Class Poet (English) – Kit Wright
Class Folktale – Branwen
Class Artist – Elfyn Lewis


Homework 22.2.19

Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Task 1

To coincide with St.David’s Day (albeit 3 days late!), we will be holding our Welsh Week Festival on our return after half-term. Our class is named after a Welsh prince, Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf. I would like you to find between 5 and 10 facts about Llywelyn’s life and reign and copy them out in your homework books. 

Task 2

See letter sent home today (22.2.19) by Mr Marc Jon Williams – this is your opportunity to influence the celebrations that are planned for the end of the Summer term.

Homework 11.2.19

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Task 1 (by 18/2)

Write a review of ‘The Breadwinner’ (in Welsh). You will need to write between 300-400 words. Please type it out on a Word document on your ‘Hwb’ account and share it with me by next Monday (18/2) please. Once you’ve had a chance to re-draft them, I will enter them into the Film Review competition which is run by the Urdd Eisteddfod.

Click on the link below to see examples of the winning entries from last year.

Click on the link below to read an interview with the film’s director, Nora Twomey.

Click on the links below to read examples of reviews of ‘The Breadwinner’.

Task 2 (by 15/2)

Revise your Slick Spelling words before the tests towards the end of the week.

Homework 1.2.19

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Task 1 (by 11/2)
The weather has been very, very cold in the United States of America this week. This led to their President, Donald Trump, sending out the following message on his Twitter account: “In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What is going on with Global Warming? Please come back fast, we need you!”

President Trump doesn’t think that we should be worrying about Climate Change because, in his opinion, it doesn’t really exist. Your task over the next week is to find facts and information that either supports Donald Trump’s claim, or proves that he is wrong. You can gather all of your note (in English please) on a Word document on your HWB Microsoft 365 account. Try to find at least 15 facts of pieces of information.

Here is a list of websites that you might find useful:

Task 2 (by 8/2)

Make sure that you’ve made an effort to learn ‘Fy Ngardd Fach i’ and ‘Dewis Timau’ please. All you need to do is make sure that you’ve tried your best. You’ve all received copies of them and we’ll continue to practice as a class next week.

Task 3

Please complete your tasks on Mathletics.

Task 4

Learn how to spell the words listed below for your Sillafu Slic spelling test.

Wythnos 7  – us   ych  

poenus (painful) gwrthrych (object) gwrych (hedge)
taclus (object) henffych (a form of greeting)
gwarthus (disgraceful) bresych (cabbage)
anlwcus (unlucky) gennych (you have)
cariadus (loving) ydych (are you…)

Year 6 blog

Friday, January 25th, 2019

This week in year 6 we’ve -:

In English, we wrote a poem based on the poem ‘The Magic Box’ by Kit Wright.

In Maths, we learnt how to add, subtract, divide and multiply fractions, whilst simplifying the final answer.

In science, we’ve been learning about Formula 1 aerodynamics, ready to begin adding attachments to our own Jaguar competition cars.

Furthermore, we’ve been preparing to write a folk tale next week!

By Aaron.

Homework 25.1.19

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Task 1 (by Wednesday – 25/1)

This week, your homework is to plan a folktale (‘chwedl’) in Welsh.

This can be done in a variety of ways. One choice is to use the resources that are at the bottom of this message, but this isn’t the only way to plan. Some of you like to write notes( using bullet-point) or create a mind map, whilst others might prefer to write out the beginning of the folktale. You could also use the resources that I gave to you in class to help you with your planning.

Try to bear in mind the Success Criteria for Writing a Folktale!

  • Present a problem and resolve a problem at the end of the story
  • Conflict between individuals or groups of people
  • Characters, creatures or objects with magical powers
  • Character/s being sent on mission/s
  • Descriptions of characters and locations – including the use of similes, metaphors and interesting adjectives
  • Interesting openers – including the use of concise verbs (‘Berfau Cryno’)
  • SPPLAT – including mutations (‘treigladau’) when including adjectives after ‘yn’ and correct use of the apostrophe

Gwil Garw

If you decide to continue with your Gwil Garw storyline – you can click below for more information about the characters and so on. You could continue with the task that you begun in Miss Harries’ lesson on Thursday afternoon as part of the planning process.

Bydd yr adnoddau isod hefyd yn eich cefnogi wrth gynllunio –


GACA Chwedl

12 Steps of a Hero’s Journey

You might wish to use the ’12 Steps of a Hero’s Journey’ to plan your folktale.

Click on the following link for more information about this idea:

You could also use the resources that I’ve given to you to help you with this if you did wish to use this method to plan.


For more information about folktales in general – click on the resources below:

Task 2

Use these resources to practice your spelling skills ready for the Slick Spelling test that will be held towards the end of next week.

Homework 18.9

Friday, January 18th, 2019

Task 1 (by 24.1)

Learn the rest of ‘Fy Ngardd Fach i’ and ‘Dewis Timau’ please. Everybody has received a copy of both and we’ll be learning them together as a class from next week on.

Task 2

I would like you to work on your tasks on Mathletics. Don’t forget that there is an app that can be downloaded!


Tasg 3

Revise these words for your Sillafu Slic tests next week.

crocbris(an extortionate price) ystlum(bat i.e. the mammal) geiriadur(dictionary)
prudd(sad) cyfrifiadur(computer) pupur(pepper)
rhybudd(warning) dolur(hurt) rhybuddion(warnings)
burum(yeast) dyddiadur(diary) ystumiau(gestures)
ystum(posture) holiadur(questionnaire) ystlumod(bats i.e. the mammals)

Website on Sway

Monday, January 14th, 2019 – Skye / Koby – Sophie / Tom – Lillian / Dyfan – Ellie / Xavi – Ceridwen / Yannik – Finley / Phoebe – Aaron / Mabli

Homework 11.1.19

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

Task 1 (by 17.1)

Learn the first two verses of ‘Fy Ngardd Fach i’ and the first verse of ‘Dewis Timau’ please. Everybody has received a copy of both and we’ll be learning them together as a class from next week on.

Task 2

I would like you to work on your tasks on Mathletics. Most of it is based on revising the 4 action – addition, subtractions, multiplication and division. Don’t forget that there is an app that can be downloaded!

Task 3

Continue to revise your words for your Slick Spelling tests next week.

Finn Mccool animation work

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

‘Pirates’ Presentation

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Here is a selection of the presentations created by the class to explain how the film ‘The Pirates…In an Adventure with Scientists!’ was made. To gather the information required, the children used search engines on the internet and then took notes whilst watching one of the special features which is on the DVD version of the film. The presentations themselves were created through working together on HWB, with some working on iPads and others on the laptops.





Pirates presentation