Year 6


Our class has been named after Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf. Here is some information about him.

Llywelyn ap Gruffydd was the grandson of Llywelyn Fawr through his son Gruffydd. Llywelyn was the last of Gwynedd princes to attempt to unify Wales and he is referred to as Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf. Between 1267 and 1277 Llywelyn ruled over three quarters of Wales’ population, but on the 11th of December 1282, he was killed in a battle at Cilmeri near Builth Wells by King Edward I’s soldiers, even though they didn’t know at the time that they had killed the Welsh Prince.
Teacher: Iolo Williams
P.E. Session – Friday afternoon
Class Poet (Welsh) – T. Llew Jones
Class Poet (English) – Kit Wright
Class Folktale – Branwen
Class Artist – Elfyn Lewis


‘Pirates’ Presentation

Thursday, December 13th, 2018

Here is a selection of the presentations created by the class to explain how the film ‘The Pirates…In an Adventure with Scientists!’ was made. To gather the information required, the children used search engines on the internet and then took notes whilst watching one of the special features which is on the DVD version of the film. The presentations themselves were created through working together on HWB, with some working on iPads and others on the laptops.





Pirates presentation


Year 6 Blog

Friday, December 7th, 2018


In our welsh lessons we wrote a soliloquy about our last night in Llangrannog. Using similes, metaphors and idioms.



In our maths lessons we solved problems using multiplication and addition to find out what airline company was the cheapest.



In our science lessons we wrote a conclusion to our paper aeroplane project and wrote what we learnt during the project .

Homework 30.11

Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Task 1 

Please learn the words for the songs that feature in our Christmas Service!

Task 2 (by 5/12)

Design a poster on the theme ‘Un Ydyn Ni’. The instructions are on the template that you’ve been given.

Task 3 (by 5/12)

Here are you ‘Sillafu Slic’ words this week. You will be tested on them towards the end of next week. The words in ‘bold’ are there to challenge anyone who would like to enhance his/her vocabulary.

Wythnos 4 –  nn

 cennin(leek) ffynnon(well e.g. wishing well) minnau
cronni(to accumulate) gennyt Pennaeth (Head i.e. School Head)
cynnal(to sustain) gofynnodd (he/she asked) pennill (verse)
cynnyrch(produce) Gorffennaf (July) presennol(the present i.e. not in the past)
diflannu(to disappear) gorffennol(the past i.e. not in the present) synnu(to be surprised)

(Cymraeg) Year 6’s Blog

Friday, November 23rd, 2018


In maths we worked on finding the lowest common number in fractions.

Yn mathemateg gweithio’n ni ar ffeindio’r  rhif cyffredin lleiaf  ffactorau.


In our welsh lessons we worked on idioms and understanding their meanings. We then drew posters of the idiom that we chose and drew the picture based on the idiom.

Yn ein gwersi cymraeg buom yn astudio idiomau a’u hystyr. Aethom ati i wneud posteri yn seiliedig ar yr idiom dewisom ni.


In science we carried on working on our paper airplane project. This week we looked at the results on the airplane that flew the furthest and the airplane that stayed in the air for the longest time. We drew a diagram showing how the airplane flighs and the different forces that efcfect it.

Yn ein gwersi gwyddoniaeth, buom yn cario ‘mlaen gyda ein prosiect ar awyrenau papur. Yr wythnos yma edrychom ni ar yr canlyniadau am y cystadlaeth ar pa awyren sy’n hedfan yn bellach a pa awyren arosodd yn yr awyr am yr amser hiraf. Creuom ni ddeiagram sy’n dangos sut mae’r awyrennau papur yn hedfan a’r grymoedd gwahanol sy’n ei effeithio.


In our music lessons we’ve been learning about the famous composer John Williams and the music he’s composed e.g Harry Potter ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ , Star Wars opening theme.

Yn ein gwersi cerddoriaeth buom yn edrych ar waith yr cyfansoddwr John Williams a’r cerddoriaeth roedd e wedi cyfansoddi e.e Harry Potter ‘Hedwig’s Theme’ a Star Wars .

Homework 16.11

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Task 1 (by 28th of November)

I would like you to prepare an English presentation about a country in Asia.

You will be expected to talk for about four or five minutes on the topic. You may bring notes with you to the presentation but you must remember that this is not a reading assessment and therefore you will not be allowed to read the notes. I strongly suggest that you prepare some sort of presentation to support you (e.g. Ppt on Hwb or Prezi – with a maximum of 5-10 words on each slide).

Perhaps your presentation could cover some of the following topics: general facts; geographical facts; history; food; religion; languages; culture and traditions; folklore; famous people; music etc. You will need to practice in the house before coming to school!

Click here to view an example of one of last year’s presentations.

Task 2 (by 21/11)

During our Multi-Cultural Week in a few weeks’ time, we will by studying India and Hinduism. I will gather the children’s ideas next week and I would therefore like them to begin to think about the sort of activities that they would like to do e.g. investigate and present information on the laptops or iPads; create artwork based on an Indian folktale; rehearse and perform a traditional dance; cook an Indian snack.

Task 3

Here are the Sillafu Slic words for this week. The test will be held towards the end of the week. The words in ‘bold’ are there to challenge the pupils if they are confident with the other words.

Wythnos 3 –  il   ill   in

cynnil (economical / subtle) Mehefin(June) sillafu(to spell)
eiddil(slender / slight) penillion(verses) ceginoedd(kitchens)
pennill(verse) cynefinoedd(habitats) pwdinau(desserts)
cynefin(habitat) miliwn(million) melinau (windmills)
megin(bellows) hiliol(racist) brenhinoedd(kings)

Year 6’s Blog

Friday, October 12th, 2018

This week, we prepared for our portrait of a Flanimal by thinking of, and writing down, interesting adverbs and connectives.

In Maths, we learnt about co-ordinates and played mathematics games.

Moreover, on T.Llew Jones Day, we made a collage of Twm Sion Cati!

Homework 12/10

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Here are the tasks that you will need to work on over the forthcoming week.

Task 1 (by 16/10)

Plan a description of an imaginary Flanimal (in English). Use the resources below to help you make a detailed plan in your homework books. A detailed plan is essential but you can also draw a picture of your Flanimal if that helps you. Let your imagination run wild!!

Click below to download the resources.

Flanimals Planning Helpsheet



Flanimal Helpsheet 3

Task 2 (by 16/10)

Continue to revise your words for your Slick Spelling tests next week.

Year 6’s blog

Friday, October 5th, 2018

We wrote a description of our favourite cartoon character in welsh.

Mathew Rees came in to our class to talk about his job at Aardman .

In maths we learnt how to do the inverse actions to check our work on adding and subtracting.

In science we learnt how paper aireplane’s fly far and high.

Homework 5.10.18

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Task 1 (by Monday, 8.10)

Respond to the Siarter Iaith Challenge set for you through your HWB e-mail by Mr. Williams (Dosbarth Gwenllian).

Task 2 (by Wednesday, 10.10)

Complete the tasks and play the games on Mathletics.

Task 3 (by Wednesday, 10.10)

Learn how to spell the words below in preparation for our Welsh spelling test next week.

Wythnos 2 –  rr

barrug (frost) torrais (I broke) gyrru (to drive)
byrrach (shorter) torrwr (cutter)
byrraf (shortest) tyrrau (towers)
gyrrodd (he/she drove) pentyrru (to pile)
sarrug (sullen) tyrrodd (…came in droves)

Homework 28.9.18

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Task 1

Over the next few weeks, we will be staging Paper Airplane competitions in class as part of our Science and Technology work.

Two separate competitions will be held – one to discover the plane that flies the furthest, and the other to find the plane that stays airborne for the longest time.

Your task by next Thursday, is to decide which competion you’d like to take part in and then design a paper airplane for your chosen competition. You will need to bring them in with you to school on Thursday.

You can find more information and ideas on the websites below…

Task 2

I would like you to continue to work on your tasks on Mathletics. Don’t forget that there is an app that can be downloaded!

Task 3

Continue to revise your words for your Slick Spelling tests next week.